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Our Story

Hi, I am Hazel the person behind HazeyBoo. I am an early childhood teacher and have been teaching for the past 10 years. I have seen how hard the last lockdown and the months that followed have been on my students, which led me to explore ways that I could support them with the challenges they face. I started looking into some mindfulness experiences that could help children express themselves in positive ways. I also spent time exploring products that can help them develop their confidence and find positivity in the world around them.

My aim for HazeyBoo is to be a children's store that provides parents and teachers with the means and resources to support their children with the challenges they face. From my experience, I know how important it is to teach the next generation about their feelings and how to express them in positive ways.

I believe the products that I have found so far will help them to process their feelings and emotions whether that be creatively, with a special friend, or in a game.  I look forward to partnering with similar organisations to help the next generation build strong foundations for their future.

Thank you to all the businesses HazeyBoo has connected with so far! I know our reasons for doing what we do are similar, and I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on these amazing resources and hope they help support the children around you during their learning journeys in childhood.



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